Hello Pete.

Thank you so much for taking a minute to look at my proposal. I’m going to take the fact that you followed the link to mean you agree that a headshot is a buyer or sellers first impression and that authentic and consistent headshots among all your agents would be a benefit to the ReMax branding and marketing effort. Additionally this eliminates the issue of some agents having very outdated or non professional headshots.

To recap, my proposal would be that we begin by creating a look that is aligned with the ReMax brand. Whether it is a modern white, a classic gray or a communicative environmental image. Then, starting in the New England area as I am based in Rhode Island, I could go office to office ensuring that all your agents have a headshot that ReMax is proud to have represent them. Should this turn national I would add staff, that follow the established method, as needed.

While I understand that this type of marketing material is normally the agents responsibility if corporate were to suggest the service and put me in contact with the office managers I could schedule with them and do all billing and image delivery with the agents.

Environmental headshot of a male creative executive
Business Headshot of a male real estate agent
Business headshot of a female

Additional Samples can be see at the Headshots page

Please give me a call or e-mail and we can discuss details on an arrangement that will get ReMax agents the images they need.


323-493-9745 cell

401-324-9230 office