Thanks for booking with and for taking the time to look at this before our up-coming shoot. These are some ideas and pointers to make our shoot go smoother and to help insure you get the best images.

A Time Before the Selfie: Think back to a time before cell pix were part of your everyday life. When a photo meant something and let’s try and do that here. A good headshot will be your primary marketing tool for the next 1-4 years, let’s work together to make it great. Just like in business or acting a good result is all about the prep.

Sleep: Make sure to get a good nights sleep before your shoot. It’ll show in your eyes. And skip the cocktails the night before.

A photo is about feelings not looks: Spend some time before the shoot thinking about your strengths, be confident be positive. It will translate to a great image.

Endorphins: If exercise is part of your life, hit the gym before your shoot. If it’s not part of your life try and budget 5 min for a brisk walk (even if it’s a circle around the office). The oxygen and movement will boost your energy.

Water water water: All the toner and retouching in the world can’t do for skin what hydration can. This goes for the gents too.

Wardrobe: Make it deliberate. Dark and Strong, Bold and Vibrant, Soft and Determined? What do you want to communicate?

Bring at least one option (but not the whole closet)

Avoid tight patterns and logos like the plague. If you really really really love a soft pattern or some stripes bring it as option. What looks good in person and on camera are not always the same.

Leave the Wrinkles at home and watch the pet hair and fluff. I can retouch this stuff out but I do charge for it and it really never looks as good.

Music: I will always have a speaker so if there music you like please bring your iPod.

Make-up:  I suggest a very natural and honest look. Think along the lines of a Job Interview or Friends Wedding. Stick with classic shades. While i’d love to shoot you again I don’t want it to be because the purple lipstick is out of fashion. If you are wearing a base please make sure it is even and watch the lines on your lipstick and eyeliner.

Grooming: Please shave the night before an AM shoot or the morning of a afternoon shoot. If you need a hair cut please try and get it a few days before the shoot so the hair can settle into itself.